Welcome to NE Connecticut’s largest land trust!

Spring, as is typical of our region, arrives slowly and in bursts. Nothing seems to be different from the gray and white of winter, and then suddenly –there’s color – as the bluebirds and cardinals whiz by, the snowdrops and dogwoods and skunk cabbages open their flowers, and we can’t wait to get outside to join them!

The Trust has a number of upcoming activities to encourage you and your family to come on out: letterboxing, geo-caching, stargazing, trail walks, birding, scavenger hunts, fairy houses.  Search out a nearby property or discover an unfamiliar by using this “Explore Our Properties” link.

fliegel_farm_walk1Greet an old friend, make a new one!  And don’t forget the insect repellent. Ticks are making a come-back this season, so please stay alert!

And even if you don’t get outside much yourself but appreciate the value and beauty of conserving open space, thanks for being here! We’re doing everything it takes to protect these lands and always looking for more environmentally or historically important land we can buy or have donated. As a fully accredited land trust, we follow the best practices in conservation. We need you, too — and future generations need you – to help in this process as a donor, volunteer or both. If we don’t protect our beautiful and historic places now, they’ll be lost forever.

Check out our Facebook page, too, for other new items of interest.


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