Welcome to the 2016 Joshua’s Trust Town of Mansfield Letterboxing Challenge!

Letterbox Challenge 2016 Flip Book
Letterbox Challenge 2016 Flip Book

Grab your stamp and head on out to find all eight letterboxes hidden on Joshua’s Trust properties. This challenge is appropriate for kids of all ages (with help, of course!) and provides an exciting opportunity to get outside and accomplish something together as a family.

You will find links to all of the clues below to bring on your journeys, and you can pick up a specially-designed booklet to record your finds at Joshua’s Trust HQ, 624 Wormwood Hill Road, Mansfield Center, CT 06250. The Letterbox Challege Flip Books will be available on June 20TH.

Joshua’s Trust is Northeast Connecticut’s largest land trust. Headquartered at the historic Atwood Farm, the organization preserves more than 4,000 acres of land in 14 towns. Many of these properties feature walking trails and opportunities for picnics, boating, and events. Joshua’s Trust relies on volunteers to care for the properties, raise funds, and administer the office, so please consider getting involved.

The Town of Mansfield’s Early Childhood Services include programs, policy groups, and information for families with children ages 0-8. Contact Maggie Ferron at [email protected] to get involved or for more information.

Links to the letterbox instruction pages:

The Critter – Atwood Farm

Casper, the Friendly GhostIron Mine Valley Preserve

Baby ‘D’ Turns 8 (on turkey day)Lof Woodlands

America the Beautiful…Washington D.C. – Nate and Theora Whetten Woods

America the Beautiful…NevadaElizabeth Couch Preserve

The Bunyip of Bradley – Buchanan Woods

The Erymanthian BoarWolf Rock Nature Preserve

Doodles 8th BirthdayAllanach-Wolf Woodlands