Terry Wakeman working on a picnic table placed at Mason’s Mill.

Those of you who volunteer on our trails probably already know Terry Wakeman.

As a member of the Roving Stewardship Crew, this summer alone Terry has been working at Rankin, the Grist Mill, Friedman Forest (where he is a steward), Hastings (also a steward), and Mason’s Mill. His carpentry skills are also much in demand when trails need bridges, or when a spot needs a picnic table, as did the Atwood Farm.

Terry grew up in Wisconsin, and as a Boy Scout and Eagle Scout, spent a lot of time out-of-doors. He majored in forestry at Michigan State, and got a job as a firetower guard out west – which he hated due to the isolation. So, he and his wife Mary (she is a retired veterinarian) came east to Ashford, where he had several different professions, many to do with water, including the Windham Regional Planning Agency and selling large industrial steam boiler equipment.

Terry is passionate about the Trust as he considers it the best option to protecting the diminishing open space. At the same time, he wants to make sure the Trust’s properties are open and inviting in order to maintain the public’s support.

So, the next time you see Terry on the trails –probably with his Hungarian sheepdog Filco – give him a hand or a wave.