This historic Northern Red Oak Quercus borealis maxima was first identified as a champion tree in 1927, and remained so until 1972. In 1962 it measured 26′ 4″ in circumference, 90″ in branch spread, and 78 feet high. The Ashford Oak probably reached its peak just before the 1938 hurricane, which caused major damage. Subsequent lightning strikes continued to diminish the health of the tree, and by the time it was acquired by the Trust it was in decline, with rot and damage to all major trunks.

The Trust had professional arborists cable, prune, fertilize, and spray the tree once in 1982 and again in 1988. This served to prolong the life of this historic oak but could not reverse the damage. After consultation with Ashford neighbors and residents, this historic oak will be allowed to live out its natural life without further intervention

About the Property

Location: Giant Oak Lane, Ashford, CT
Donors: Gift of Charles Goodwin, Robert Sater, and William Shocket
Acres: .36 acres.
Preserved: 1972
Stewards: Steve Morytko
Directions: Giant Oak Lane is small loop road in Ashford off of interstate Route 44.

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