Hall Preserve

The Hall Preserve consists of 29 acres lying within a bend in the Natchaug River just below the Mansfield Hollow Dam. It is a rear lot with no road frontage, and does not have any trail head, trails, or parking. However, it is open to the public, and there is a fisherman-use trail on the… Read more »

Windfield Acres

Windfield Acres is a one acre wooded lot on the Willimantic River with marked boundaries and no trails. A small Joshua’s Trust sign is visible from the road, and parking is available alongside the road. Location: Thornbush Road, Mansfield Acres: 1 acre Steward: Neal A. Lewis

Nate And Theora Whetten Woods

Whetten Woods was a gift of the Whetten family.  The trail leads through a forested area with rolling terrain, stone walls and a band of wetlands through the center. There is a small parking area on Hanks Hill Road.  There also is a Joshua’s Trust sign at the Hope Lutheran Church on Dog Lane, and… Read more »

Lof Woodlands

John Löf Woodlands John Löf was known for his generosity to the community. In 2009 he donated this beautiful 18-acre parcel to Joshua’s Trust. For thirty years, when he wasn’t teaching electrical engineering at UConn or running the Computer Center, he tapped maple trees on the property and tended his garden, while his wife Ruth… Read more »

Knowlton Hill Preserve

Knowlton Hill Preserve Knowlton Hill, a Joshua’s Trust Preserve, Mansfield and Ashford, CT C.C. Knowlton, a wealthy mill owner, built his copper roofed summer home at the top of Knowlton Hill in the style of Watch Hill. His granddaughter, Mildred Hammond-Knowlton and her niece, Evelyn Guymon, gave this tract to the Trust. The most distinctive… Read more »

Dunham Woods

    The Dunham family had a farm in this area from 1695 to 1873. They were descendants of Mary Dunham, who settled with her son in one of the original homes in Mansfield Center. This area is in the vicinity of the original Joshua’s Tract, bequeathed to “16 Men of Norwich”. This preserve makes… Read more »

Bailey Property

Bailey’s Property is a maturing white oak forest with numerous boulders throughout its southern half. Serving as a buffer between residential development along Crane Hill Road and the larger Wolf Rock and Sawmill Brook preserves, the property neighbors the Trust’s Wolf Rock Preserve to the east and the abandoned Blacksmith Road to the south. Location:… Read more »

Michael’s Preserve and Ysebaert Sanctuary

Michael’s Preserve and Ysebaert Sanctuary This is a beautiful area on the west side of the Fenton River. It has a large variety of plant and animal life and nicely supplements the Gristmill meadow. It probably looks much as it did when Wilbur Cross was alive. This land is a gift to the land trust… Read more »

Wolf Rock Nature Preserve

Wolf Rock Nature Preserve Joshua’s Trust Wolf Rock, Mansfield, CT Wolf Rock is one of Mansfield’s most spectacular landmarks, consisting of a great glacial boulder almost round, perhaps two yards in diameter. Perched atop a sheer forty foot cliff, this huge boulder testifies to the force of the glacier that moved southward through this area,… Read more »

Merrow Parcel

The sloping, wooded Merrow Parcel complements the town of Mansfield’s Open Space Plan and sets a precedent for frontage open space protection. This precedent will be very important when the lot that surrounds Merrow Parcel is subdivided. Location: Mansfield, on the east side of Route 32 (Stafford Road) and opposite of Sharon Drive. Donors: George… Read more »

Gurleyville Gristmill and House

The Gurleyville Gristmill, located on the beautiful Fenton River, offers a unique opportunity to observe rural 19th century gristmill technology. It contains a complete system of preserved milling equipment. This is not a restoration; here visitors see the equipment as it was operated over many decades and to the middle of the 20th century. A… Read more »

Proposal Rock

Proposal Rock Joshua’s Trust Proposal Rock, Mansfield, CT photo courtesy of Joan Hill In 2003, just 2 years after Coney Rock Preserve was established, Leonora Mullane offered her adjacent parcel to Joshua’s Trust at a bargain sale price. The preserve is named “proposal rock” because her father proposed to her mother at one of these… Read more »

Owen’s Mere

Owen’s Mere Owen’s Mere was a gift to the trust from Charles A. and Mabel D. Owen. The main feature is the man made pond over one-half acre in size, created by an earthen dam on King’s Brook. The dam on the west side has had a large number of small and medium sized trees… Read more »

Dorothy Goodwin Reserve

The Dorothy Goodwin Reserve arcs around a private 4.5 acre parcel containing the former Goodwin House. The eastern side of the reserve contains a hemlock grove and a a magnificent ledgey knoll, with rock from what is now Africa. The reserve continues through an open wooded area with stone walls and large trees to another… Read more »

David Storrs Chapin Coney Rock Preserve

photo courtsey of Joan Hill In 2002 David Storrs Chapin, son of Warren Chapin and great grandson of the Storrs family, generously donated this parcel to Joshua’s Trust, preserving a property of beautiful scenery and impressive geologic and historical interest. Since then, successive acquisitions have built this initial gift into the very beautiful and popular… Read more »

Jerauld A. Manter Tract

The Jerauld A. Manter Tract provides a green area in a closely subdivided residential neighborhood. The oak and hickory uplands at the preserve’s outer edges buffer a wetland area in its center. While the tract is too small and too wet for recreational access, it is a strong visual asset in its surrounding neighborhood. Location:… Read more »

Jacob’s Hill Preserve

Jacob’s Hill serves as a buffer between the Nipmuck Trail and the sights and sounds of the homes along Jacob’s Hill Road. The narrow part of the parcel is crossed by a trail owned by the Town of Mansfield the connects Jacob’s Hill Road to the Nipmuck Trail. The gentle slopes of Jacob’s Hill are… Read more »

Mason’s Mill Site

Mason’s Mill Preserve This grist and saw mill was built by Zebulon Gurley sometime prior to 1778. It is known as Mason’s Mill, named after the Mason family who acquired it in the latter half of the 19th century. It was operated as an up-and-down saw mill, and although this type of mill went out… Read more »

Rollin Corner

The forest at Rollin Corner retains signs of its life as a 19th-century village, including the sites of both an early Methodist Church and the Parker Bit & Auger Shop. Near Wormwood Hill, stone foundations dot the wooded area. In the parcel’s northeastern corner, a series of vernal pools drain to an intermittent stream in… Read more »

Ten Mile River Pool

This property has significant scenic frontage along the Ten Mile River in Lebanon, and serves as both a valuable wildlife habitat and an excellent access point for recreational fishing. Further along in the preserve’s frontage the Spinning Mill Brook converges with the Ten Mile River. Location: In Lebanon, on Cook Hill Road and near Jones… Read more »

Ten Mile River Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary along the Ten Mile River is home to beavers and a variety of birds, including herons; however, the property’s wet terrain makes it largely inaccessible to human visitors. This sanctuary has no walking trails and contains an abundance of brush. Location: Synagogue Road, Lebanon Donor: Morris Kaplan Acres: 6.63 acres Steward: Laura… Read more »

Pigeon Swamp Preserve

Pigeon Swamp Preserve Lebanon, CT Pigeon Swamp, a Joshua’s Trust preserve Photo by Dan Donahue Pigeon Swamp is a 135-acre preserve in Lebanon, CT, that was given to Joshua’s Trust by Dr. Mervyn H. Little and his wife, Dr. Olga A. G. Little. The Littles were medical pioneers in Eastern Connecticut. Their concern for the… Read more »

George and Margaret Hemphill Woods

The Hemphill Preserve rests on both sides of Old Canterbury Road in Hampton. Located in the Burnham Brook drainage basin, the Preserve consists of two parcels that once formed an 18th century farmstead. The original homestead still stands on the east parcel, facing the stone ruins of an outbuilding on the west parcel. The center… Read more »

Warren Stone Preserve

The Warren Stone Preserve forms an important part of a local watershed that is dominated by the Cedar Swamp Brook, a feeder to the Little River that feeds into the Shetucket River. To the north of Route 6 in Hampton, this brook rises as a wetland in the Goodwin State Forest, and it widens into… Read more »

H. E. Preston Nature Sanctuary

The property was the gift of Ellen D. Preston and was named in memory of her late husband. After the Ashford Oak, this property was the first major acquisition for Joshua’s Trust outside of Mansfield. A loop trail more than a mile long passes through two open fields, farm lands that have reverted to woods… Read more »

Fuller Preserve

The Fuller Preserve, within 300 feet of the H. E. Preston Sanctuary, is located near the Little River on a hill behind private dwellings in Hampton, CT. This preserve has attractive wooded land marked with old stone walls. Location: In Hampton, about 500 feet north of the junction of Pomfret Road (Rte. 97) and Hemlock… Read more »

Pember Wetlands

A perennial stream cuts through the Pember Wetlands just at the end of a small strip that provides access to this red maple swamp from Kahn Road. The stream as well as the parcel’s thick invasive growth make the wetlands largely inaccessible for visitors. The parcel serves as a habitat for wildlife and an important… Read more »

Taylor Preserve

Taylor Preserve lies in the floodplain of the Willimantic River and contains river frontage just below the Merrow Road bridge. Level in the north but steep in the south, the preserve is covered by mature red maples with a brushy riparian understory. Taylor Preserve serves not only as a buffer between the Willimantic River and… Read more »

Breen Parcel

Broadway Meadow

The scenic Broadway Meadow boasts an array of wildlife and agriculture, covered in rolling hayfields as well as a marsh. This 8.8-acre property is cut through the middle by an outlet stream running wet to east. Roadside parking is available. Location: Corner of North Farms Road and Broadway Road in Coventry Acres: 8.8 acres Stewards:… Read more »

Elizabeth Couch Preserve

The Couch Preserve is an 18-acre parcel that was left to Joshua’s Trust in 1996 as a bequest of Elizabeth Couch. Part of a failed Tri-State camps development project from the 1940s, it now provides both forest and early succession habitats. The trail slopes gently from the road to a hemlock grove at the northeast… Read more »

Goldberg Parcel

This 3.6 acre floodplain lies on the south shore of the Hop River in Colombia, also bordered by Routes 66 and 6. The Goldberg Parcel makes for a good wildlife habitat, although access for fishing is limited by the area’s wet topography. Location: Columbia, the northeast corner of the Route 6 and Route 66 intersection…. Read more »

Utley Hill Preserve

Utley Hill Preserve joshua’s trust land trust preserve in Columbia, CT old mill foundation. photo by Joan Hill The Utley Hill Preserve is Columbia Lake watershed land which was donated to Joshua’s Trust by George and Patricia Becker in 1978. This gift is doubly significant to the Town of Columbia because of the protection it… Read more »

Potter Meadow

Potter Meadow Preserve land trust preserve in Columbia, CT photo by Joan Hill Potter Meadow in Columbia, CT, was given to Joshua’s Land Trust by Whitehall Properties in 1988. This 34 acre land trust preserve that lies entirely within the floodplain of the Willimantic and Ten Mile Rivers. Potter Meadow was owned by the Buckinghams,… Read more »

Natchaug River Property

This property boasts 1,175 feet of frontage on the Natchaug River’s west bank, a shrubby shoreline with rocky outcrops. Inland, a young forest grows with an understory of mountain laurel and blueberry. The Natchaug River Property serves not only as a scenic open space in a subdivision, but also has a link in a potential… Read more »

Two Sisters Tract

The Two Sisters work crew pauses for a minute. The Two Sisters Tract was generously donated to the Trust by the original ‘two sisters’. Elaine Mrosek and Josephine Krikorian, in the year 2001. The preserve consists of two parcels, one 8-acre parcel and one 32 acre, split by the Air Line State Park Trail (an old… Read more »

Bradley-Buchanan Woods

Bradley-Buchanan was purchased with the aid of a loan from the Nature Conservancy. This parcel was in the Buchanan family for three generations. Mr. Archibald Buchanan and his friend Wesley Bradley spent time together managing the land. When he inherited the property, Mr. Bradley sold it to the Trust, disregarding the bids of developers who might… Read more »

Bernard Church Woods

This attractive parcel was the gift of Mildred W. Church, the widow of Bernard Church, and of her two daughters and her son. Bernard Church was Town Clerk of Chaplin for 52 years. This preserve offers four distinct habitats for wildlife. In addition to the young oak-hickory forest that covers much of it, there are… Read more »

Echo Woods Beach & Echo Woods

Bradley-Buchanan was purchased with the aid of a loan from the Nature Conservancy. This parcel was in the Buchanan family for three generations. Mr. Archibald Buchanan and his friend Wesley Bradley spent time together managing the land. On inheriting the property, Mr. Bradley sold it to the Trust, disregarding the bids of developers who might have… Read more »

Hubbard Sanctuary & Agnes’ Pasture

Hubbard Sanctuary & Agnes’ Pasture Joshua’s Trust preserves in Chaplin, CT Hubbard Sanctuary was donated to Joshua’s Trust by Mollie Hubbard in 1985. Her parents bought the property in the 1930’s and operated a farm there for many years. Mollie was a member of the Natchaug Ornithological Society and worked at the University of Connecticut… Read more »

Pond Lot

Bradley-Buchanan was purchased with the aid of a loan from the Nature Conservancy. This parcel was in the Buchanan family for three generations. Mr. Archibald Buchanan and his friend Wesley Bradley spent time together managing the land. On inheriting the property, Mr. Bradley sold it to the Trust, disregarding the bids of developers who might have… Read more »

Center Meadow

  Center Meadow lies in the heart of Mansfield Center Historic District, the northerly end of what was Mansfield’s original settlement area. Settlers for arrived here in 1692, when Mansfield Centre, which at the time was known a Ponde Place of Naubesatuck, was a village in the Town of Windham. In 1702 the settlers petitioned the… Read more »

Harriet E. Babcock Preserve

This preserve is the bequest of Harriet E. Babcock, a longtime resident of the Spring Hill section of Mansfield and a member of both Joshua’s Trust and the Mansfield Historical Society. This relatively small but strategically placed property connects to other preserved parcels in the area and contains a variety of habitats. Oak-hickory forest dominates the… Read more »

Holt-Kinney Woods

This 21-acre tract of land in the town of Mansfield, stretching from Browns Road to Schoolhouse Brook Park, was deeded to Joshua’s Trust by Katherine and Hamilton Holt. The Holts, better known as Kay and Tony, have long been members of the Trust and are active in numerous civic projects. To Kay Holt, who grew up on… Read more »

Pappenheimer Preserve

The Pappenheimer Preserve was donated to the Trust in 2005 by Sarah Pappenheimer and her brother John.   One hundred and one acres of mostly level forest land and marsh are bounded to the north by an additional 700 acres of protected land, the Mohegan State Forest.  A map of the property and trails is… Read more »

Haberman Haven

Haberman Haven is an irregular, pistol-shaped floodplain preserve formed through the combination of two abutting parcels. The widest part of the preserve lies in Mansfield along the east side of Route 89, and a long, narrow extension of the preserve reaches across the Mt. Hope River. The floodplain has dense riparian thicket vegetation that makes… Read more »

Tobiassen Memorial Forest

In the 1990’s, Doris and Al Tobiassen preserved this parcel and requested a trail be blazed, for all to enjoy a walk through the forest birches, past the brooks, and through a bit of Tolland history. The Trust is pleased to honor this request. The Tobiassen Memorial Forest is on Noah Lane off Grant Hill Road,… Read more »

Skungamaug Meadows

Skungamaug Meadows in Tolland is a 27 acre preserve of which much is bounded by an extensive Coventry Fish and Game Club property. The preserve is characterized by glacially deposited sandy soils. Prior to its donation, it had been used as a sand and gravel quarry and a location for growing and storing landscaping plants… Read more »

Chenes Roches Preserve

  The heavily-forested Chenes Roches Preserve has trails through a varied terrain of hardwood forests, stands of pines and along a hemlock-shaded stream in a steep-sided valley. A round trip of 1.8 miles will take you across several small spring-fed streams and an altitude change of about 250 feet from the parking lot to the valley… Read more »

Whiting Lot

The Whiting Lot borders private property to the west and the Natchaug State Forest to the southeast. Intersected by a portion of the Nipmuck Trail, this parcel boasts of red and black oak, black and yellow birch, and maple trees. This secluded lot also contains an extensive ridge that could be a perfect home for… Read more »

Windham Atlantic White Cedar Bog

The Atlantic White Cedar Bog totals 55 acres, and has been protected by the Trust since 1995. The Atlantic White Cedar is a very slow-growing, long lived tree, but it has not been resilient in the face of encroachment and these swamps have become increasingly rare. The water and rot resistant quality of the swamp… Read more »

Rankin Preserve

This large preserve contains a diverse assortment of topographies and wildlife. The east side of the preserve is covered by a series of wetland areas including a red maple swamp, and shrub swamp, a march, a stream, and a series of linked ponds that were formed by earlier gravel mining in Ashford. To the west… Read more »

Allanach-Wolf Woodlands

  This 102.6 acres of largely forested land was donated to Joshua’s Trust by Ada Wolf in 2007. Located on Back Road in Windham, the property is in an area identified as having the highest natural resource priority in the Town of Windham’s Plan of Conservation. Streams which course through the woods feed into a 22-acre… Read more »

Hastings Memorial Forest

The Hastings Memorial Forest is part of a greenway lying east of Route 89 in Ashford. Beyond the perennial Bebbington Brook, which flows through this parcel towards the Mt. Hope River, the land ascends into an upland plateau that is divided by several colonial stone walls. Deer and turkeys can be spotted amongst the mixed,… Read more »

Huntington Hill Lot

Huntington Hill is an important link in a chain of properties east of Route 89 in Ashford that are protected by the Trust. This chain of greenery extends from the Iron Mine Valley in the north to the Byles Sanctuary in the south. As the first Trust preserve south of Route 44, Huntington Hill could… Read more »

Colts Pond Road Preserve

Colts Pond Road Preserve was given to Joshua’s Trust in 1999 when an abutting parcel was subdivided. The western side of the property is covered with a young deciduous forest, and the eastern side is a red maple and scrub-shrub swamp that drains into the state’s Pumpkin Hill Wildlife Management Area. A forested knoll runs… Read more »

Fliegel Farm Woods

This parcel was the result of a subdivision set-aside when the original Fliegel Farms was developed. From East Howey Road, the main yellow blazed path (owned by the Trust,) follows an original section of the Old Connecticut Path before turning left into the woods. The walk is very pleasant with views over marvelous broad farm… Read more »

Iron Mine Valley

Iron Mine Valley Joshua’s Trust Ashford Iron Mine Valley photo by Joan Hill Iron Mine Valley Preserve was given to Joshua’s Trust in 1990 and 2001 in two separate parcels, both subdivision set-asides. The Preserve provides important protection for the east branch of the Mount Hope River which flows parallel to its eastern edge. In… Read more »

Tinkerville Brook

Joshua’s Trust Tinkerville Brook Preserve, Ashford, CT photo courtesy of Joan Hill This property was donated to Joshua’s Trust by C & M Associates. It is a portion of a 270 acre subdivision and satisfies the open space requirements of the town of Ashford. This preserve lies mostly in a narrow strip extending nearly .7m… Read more »

Josias Byles Sanctuary

Josias Byles Sanctuary Sixty-nine acres of what may have been one of Ashford’s original homesteads, the Josias Byles Sanctuary is a 69-acre parcel that was given to Joshua’s Trust in 1988. It was part of the original 226 acre Byles farm bought by Josias Byles in 1726. His son Ebenezer’s house still stands near the… Read more »

Abraham R. and Samuel H. Friedman Memorial Forest

photo courtesy of Richard Hyde In accordance with the will of Abraham R. Friedman, his executor, Myron Friedman, conveyed this 143 acre property to Joshua’s Trust in September of 1987. The deed states that the land shall be held as a nature and wildlife preserve, that it shall be open to the public for walking,… Read more »

Church Farm

Church Farm Preserve The Church Farm Preserve was donated to Joshua’s Trust in stages by Joe and Dorothy Church Zaring starting in 1985. A larger portion of the historic Church Farm has been given to Eastern Connecticut State University, which celebrated the opening of the Church Farm Center for the Arts and Sciences in May… Read more »

Polomski Parcel

Home to populations of about 50 spotted salamanders and 50 wood frogs, Polomski Parcel is an upland habitat with a steadily occupied vernal pool to its west and two shallow vernal pools to its east. The smaller vernal pools only support amphibians in wet years. While the eastern side of this parcel is a red… Read more »

Ashford Oak

The Ashford Oak Preserve The Ashford Oak photo courtesy of Art Runnels This historic Northern Red Oak Quercus borealis maxima was first identified as a champion tree in 1927, and remained so until 1972. In 1962 it measured 26′ 4″ in circumference, 90″ in branch spread, and 78 feet high. The Ashford Oak probably reached… Read more »