Haberman Haven

Haberman Haven is an irregular, pistol-shaped floodplain preserve formed through the combination of two abutting parcels. The widest part of the preserve lies in Mansfield along the east side of Route 89, and a long, narrow extension of the preserve reaches across the Mt. Hope River. The floodplain has dense riparian thicket vegetation that makes… Read more »

Whiting Lot

The Whiting Lot borders private property to the west and the Natchaug State Forest to the southeast. Intersected by a portion of the Nipmuck Trail, this parcel boasts of red and black oak, black and yellow birch, and maple trees. This secluded lot also contains an extensive ridge that could be a perfect home for… Read more »

Rankin Preserve

This large preserve contains a diverse assortment of topographies and wildlife. The east side of the preserve is covered by a series of wetland areas including a red maple swamp, and shrub swamp, a march, a stream, and a series of linked ponds that were formed by earlier gravel mining in Ashford. To the west… Read more »

Hastings Memorial Forest

The Hastings Memorial Forest is part of a greenway lying east of Route 89 in Ashford. Beyond the perennial Bebbington Brook, which flows through this parcel towards the Mt. Hope River, the land ascends into an upland plateau that is divided by several colonial stone walls. Deer and turkeys can be spotted amongst the mixed,… Read more »

Huntington Hill Lot

Huntington Hill is an important link in a chain of properties east of Route 89 in Ashford that are protected by the Trust. This chain of greenery extends from the Iron Mine Valley in the north to the Byles Sanctuary in the south. As the first Trust preserve south of Route 44, Huntington Hill could… Read more »

Colts Pond Road Preserve

Colts Pond Road Preserve was given to Joshua’s Trust in 1999 when an abutting parcel was subdivided. The western side of the property is covered with a young deciduous forest, and the eastern side is a red maple and scrub-shrub swamp that drains into the state’s Pumpkin Hill Wildlife Management Area. A forested knoll runs… Read more »

Fliegel Farm Woods

This parcel was the result of a subdivision set-aside when the original Fliegel Farms was developed. From East Howey Road, the main yellow blazed path (owned by the Trust,) follows an original section of the Old Connecticut Path before turning left into the woods. The walk is very pleasant with views over marvelous broad farm… Read more »

Iron Mine Valley

Iron Mine Valley Joshua’s Trust Ashford Iron Mine Valley photo by Joan Hill Iron Mine Valley Preserve was given to Joshua’s Trust in 1990 and 2001 in two separate parcels, both subdivision set-asides. The Preserve provides important protection for the east branch of the Mount Hope River which flows parallel to its eastern edge. In… Read more »

Tinkerville Brook

Joshua’s Trust Tinkerville Brook Preserve, Ashford, CT photo courtesy of Joan Hill This property was donated to Joshua’s Trust by C & M Associates. It is a portion of a 270 acre subdivision and satisfies the open space requirements of the town of Ashford. This preserve lies mostly in a narrow strip extending nearly .7m… Read more »

Josias Byles Sanctuary

Josias Byles Sanctuary Sixty-nine acres of what may have been one of Ashford’s original homesteads, the Josias Byles Sanctuary is a 69-acre parcel that was given to Joshua’s Trust in 1988. It was part of the original 226 acre Byles farm bought by Josias Byles in 1726. His son Ebenezer’s house still stands near the… Read more »

Abraham R. and Samuel H. Friedman Memorial Forest

photo courtesy of Richard Hyde In accordance with the will of Abraham R. Friedman, his executor, Myron Friedman, conveyed this 143 acre property to Joshua’s Trust in September of 1987. The deed states that the land shall be held as a nature and wildlife preserve, that it shall be open to the public for walking,… Read more »

Church Farm

Church Farm Preserve The Church Farm Preserve was donated to Joshua’s Trust in stages by Joe and Dorothy Church Zaring starting in 1985. A larger portion of the historic Church Farm has been given to Eastern Connecticut State University, which celebrated the opening of the Church Farm Center for the Arts and Sciences in May… Read more »

Ashford Oak

The Ashford Oak Preserve The Ashford Oak photo courtesy of Art Runnels This historic Northern Red Oak Quercus borealis maxima was first identified as a champion tree in 1927, and remained so until 1972. In 1962 it measured 26′ 4″ in circumference, 90″ in branch spread, and 78 feet high. The Ashford Oak probably reached… Read more »