Goldberg Parcel

This 3.6 acre floodplain lies on the south shore of the Hop River in Colombia, also bordered by Routes 66 and 6. The Goldberg Parcel makes for a good wildlife habitat, although access for fishing is limited by the area’s wet topography. Location: Columbia, the northeast corner of the Route 6 and Route 66 intersection…. Read more »

Utley Hill Preserve

Utley Hill Preserve joshua’s trust land trust preserve in Columbia, CT old mill foundation. photo by Joan Hill The Utley Hill Preserve is Columbia Lake watershed land which was donated to Joshua’s Trust by George and Patricia Becker in 1978. This gift is doubly significant to the Town of Columbia because of the protection it… Read more »

Potter Meadow

Potter Meadow Preserve land trust preserve in Columbia, CT photo by Joan Hill Potter Meadow in Columbia, CT, was given to Joshua’s Land Trust by Whitehall Properties in 1988. This 34 acre land trust preserve that lies entirely within the floodplain of the Willimantic and Ten Mile Rivers. Potter Meadow was owned by the Buckinghams,… Read more »