Taylor Preserve

Taylor Preserve lies in the floodplain of the Willimantic River and contains river frontage just below the Merrow Road bridge. Level in the north but steep in the south, the preserve is covered by mature red maples with a brushy riparian understory. Taylor Preserve serves not only as a buffer between the Willimantic River and… Read more »

Breen Parcel

Broadway Meadow

The scenic Broadway Meadow boasts an array of wildlife and agriculture, covered in rolling hayfields as well as a marsh. This 8.8-acre property is cut through the middle by an outlet stream running wet to east. Roadside parking is available. Location: Corner of North Farms Road and Broadway Road in Coventry Acres: 8.8 acres Stewards:… Read more »

Elizabeth Couch Preserve

The Couch Preserve is an 18-acre parcel that was left to Joshua’s Trust in 1996 as a bequest of Elizabeth Couch. Part of a failed Tri-State camps development project from the 1940s, it now provides both forest and early succession habitats. The trail slopes gently from the road to a hemlock grove at the northeast… Read more »