Many of you have asked about the strange animalistic shape on our website, newsletter and at the trailheads of many of our properties. Officially, this is “Joshua’s Mark” and has been the logo of Joshua’s Trust since our inception. But why?

Joshua's Mark

Joshua’s Mark

The mark is actually the seal used by the original Joshua, son of Uncas, of the Mohegan tribe. Joshua used this symbol when signing official documents with the early New England colonists, including the bequest of land he made to the “sixteen men of Norwich.” The Trust’s first president, Gertrude Lamb, helped name the organization and suggested that the symbol be included as part of the imagery of the Trust in tribute to Joshua’s concern for preserving the land after his death.

It is now the recognized logo of our organization. Over the years, there have been various interpretations as to which animal the mark represents. Some say a horse, others a grasshopper, and still others a deer, because Joshua was a hunter. The mystery is part of the appeal of this piece of history, which we affectionately call the “Critter.”