The Dorothy Goodwin Reserve arcs around a private 4.5 acre parcel containing the former Goodwin House. The eastern side of the reserve contains a hemlock grove and a a magnificent ledgey knoll, with rock from what is now Africa. The reserve continues through an open wooded area with stone walls and large trees to another hemlock grove and a small brook. This grove was illegally logged in 1994, but a dense second growth is emerging beyond the brook.  The 0.6 mile trail runs in a narrow loop to the rear of the property where it crosses a small unnamed brook.

About the Property

Location: 447 Browns Road, Mansfield, CT
Donors: Dorothy C. Goodwin
Preserved: 1993
Acres: 15.95 acres
Steward: Scott Lehmann

Trail Information

Trail Map: Click here for the trail map.
Directions: From Rt. 195 in Mansfield Center, travel west on Browns Road 2.2 miles.  Look for the preserve sign and park on the left shoulder of the road.