The EASTCONN summer work crew.

By Andy Woodcock, JT Volunteer Coordinator

Mix youthful energy with Joshua’s Trust elbow grease and the results are spectacular.

Joshua’s Trust volunteers worked with six young workers from EASTCONN through the heart of the summer, a work program funded by the Eastern Connecticut Workforce Board.

Guided by two staff members – Mona Gervais and Kevin Segar – high school students Joseph LaFortune, Jason Longway, Coby Praytor, Bryan Rentas, Alivia Lavoie and Tesla Morin worked long days (from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., four days a week) starting July 11 and ending August 18.

The crew transformed two properties, exposing the mill foundation, sluiceway and banks of the Fenton River at Mason’s Mill and tending to the overgrowth at the Atwood Farm in Mansfield and clearing space for a garden at the contiguous Rollin Corner, a four-acre parcel.

They also battled invasive plants at Whetten Woods, Dunham Woods, Josias Byles, and Hubbard Sanctuary. JT volunteers joined the fun and provided a mentor-by-example vibe – which really impressed the EASTCONN crew.

Special thanks go to Sue and Rob Beach, Careen Jennings, Bill Ingalls, Vern Beausoleil, Terry Wakeman, Julia Rogers, Carl Lindquist, Nord Yakoleff and Peggy Rux.

Tremendous job, everyone.