The Couch Preserve is an 18-acre parcel that was left to Joshua’s Trust in 1996 as a bequest of Elizabeth Couch. Part of a failed Tri-State camps development project from the 1940s, it now provides both forest and early succession habitats. The trail slopes gently from the road to a hemlock grove at the northeast boundary.

The eastern portion was used as pastureland as recently as the 1990s. Although thickly covered with invasive shrubs, it nevertheless provides increasingly rare habitat for shrub-loving species. It will be left to revert to forest, as has the remainder of the preserve which is covered by oak-hickory forest about 30 years old.

About the Property

Location: Coventry, CT
Donors: Elizabeth Couch
Acreage: 17.7 acres
Preserved: 1996
Stewards: Eric Thomas and Vern Beausoleil

Trail Information

Trail Map: Click here for the trail map. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view or print our trail maps.
Directions: From the junction of Route 31 and Route 275 in South Coventry, go north on Main St (Route 31) .3 miles to Root Road. Turn right on Root and go one mile to a sharp left turn in the road. The road now becomes Cooper Lane. Go 800 feet and park on the right shoulder by the Joshua's Trust sign.