Matt Woodward at the Allanach Woodlands trail head.
Matt Woodward at the Allanach-Wolf Woodlands trail head.

Matt Woodward appreciates the “awesomeness” of the Joshua’s Trust properties — and has captured it on video.

So far, 37 times.

In his own effort to honor and celebrate the Trust’s 50 years of conservation and preservation, Woodward is in the process of hiking all of the Trust’s properties and creating videos explaining their special features and history.

So far, “I’ve hiked and/or filmed 37 of the 65 Joshua’s Trust properties this year,” he said.

Woodward’s collection of videos can be found online here. Each one takes viewers on a narrated walk with the young Chaplin man as he talks about points of interest. He has grouped the walks by town.
His Windham video (below) takes viewers, via drone, on an aerial tour of Allanach-Wolf Woodlands, zooming over the surface of Lake Marie and up over the trees for a drone’s-eye view of the surrounding region.

A 2011 graduate of the State University of New York in Oeonta, Woodward works at the Willimantic Co-op as a grocery coordinator. “So far I haven’t pursued anything related to my degree [in international studies] as I’ve grown to appreciate the community and values of the Co-op.”

“I don’t have any training in video production, which makes me self-taught, I guess,” he says. ” I enjoy the physical challenges of hiking (especially for the back-to-back hikes on the JT videos), the intellectual challenge of researching the history and environment, and the problem solving of how to organize and shoot it.  At its most basic, I just like going out and trying to capture the ‘awesomeness’ nature has to offer.”

And that he has.

Lake Marie from the air.
Lake Marie from the air.