New Trust Volunteer Coordinator Andy Woodcock.,The visitor hesitantly entered the Atwood Farm, unsure where to head, when he heard a “Good morning, can I help you out?”  Within minutes, Andy Woodcock, the Trust’s recently hired volunteer coordinator, and the visitor were talking animatedly, and Andy was encouraging him to fill out the volunteer form to determine where his skills and interests could best be used.

Andy has been with the Trust since early fall.  He is a New Englander through and through.  He grew up in Bangor, Maine, with Acadia National Park as his back yard.  Out of college, he headed to Washington, D.C. and to other New England states, both as political staff and as a newspaper reporter.

Working at CCAG and preventing the expansion of I-384 into Rhode Island and improving the safety of Route 6 was his first foray into protecting the environment.  Twenty-eight years ago, he landed in Willimantic where he and his wife raised three children, all of whom work for non-profits.

When he retired from his last position as supporting staff at the Connecticut General Assembly, he realized he needed to do more than just hang around, and the part-time volunteer coordinator position at the Trust seemed made for his people and organizational skills.

Andy has taken on the daunting task of building the volunteer base, and matching volunteers to the Trust’s needs. Working this closely with Trust volunteers and staff has impressed Andy.

“ It’s the people,” he says, “their pride in management, from trail to administration. The combination of the mission, the dedication of the volunteers, the variety of the work, and the properties themselves are the ingredients that I believe will sustain the Trust and attract new members and volunteers for years to come.”

When Andy is not at the Trust, he is illustrating human interest stories he has written the last few years and is quick to say that the illustrations are in “cartoon” form. He hopes eventually to publish them.  He has also been known to watch the Patriots and the Red Sox, New Englander that he is.

Contact him at [email protected] or come by any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and welcome him on board – or rather, be welcomed!