Newest Trustee Paul Pribula poses with a couple of his telescopes -- astronomy being another of his hobbies.
Newest Trustee Paul Pribula also knows a thing or two about astronomy. Here he is with his telescopes.

Take a Midwesterner who lives where the land is mostly flat and laid out in an orderly grid. Stick him in Connecticut, with roads that go in all directions, including up and down, and what does he do?

He becomes a mapmaker!

More specifically, he becomes someone who has learned to use GPS technology and ArcGIS mapping software to help the Trust map its many properties and natural resources. It is work that will help us with potential acquisitions and those who want detailed information about our properties.

Meet Paul Pribula, our newest trustee, who is filling out the remainder of Allison Burchell-Robinson’s term.

Pribula has lived in Willington with his wife Laurel and canine companions for more than 30 years. When he got here, he said, he was “immediately taken by the forests, hills, rivers, etc., and went a little nuts getting into hiking, backpacking and paddling whitewater.”

He came east for a teaching job, but eventually migrated into information technology, working in area banks. The technical background
and a backpacking/kayaking-driven fascination with cartography led him into GPS technology and map-making.

Before becoming a trustee, Paul helped make maps for the Willington Conservation Commission and volunteered at the Trust, helping to digitize our property maps in order to make them not only easier to use by stewards, but also to help the Trust determine what land is worth protecting because
of its soils, vegetation, water courses and other resources.

When asked what he likes about volunteering at the Trust, Pribula said “I’ve found that I’ve been working with and around people
with whom I have interests and goals in common, and who are a pleasure to work with.”

So, thank Paul the next time you download a map from our web site or ask if the Trust can help you with mapping a parcel in one of our towns!