Since the beginning of the University of Connecticut’s spring semester, a handful of students have been working on various Joshua’s Trust projects — the first season of a formal internship and Work Study program with the university.

Students earn academic credit or receive federal financial aid while performing work to advance the Trust’s mission and we provide a hands-on laboratory where they can gain important practical work knowledge.

Here’s a quick look at who they are and what they’ve been doing.

Sarah Hurley

  • Southington, CT
  • Biodiversity and Conservation Biology Majors
  • I’m a Master’s student
  • I am passionate about conservation, and since JT is a local organization I was really excited to work with them to help improve their website and outreach goals. I am working with the staff to redesign the website, rewrite content, and add new features.
  • Fun fact: Along with science and biology, I love art, design, and photography and hope I can work that into my career someday.


Conner Dickes

  • Middletown, CT
  • Geography & Urban Studies Majors
  • Senior, graduating May 2018
  • Working at Joshua’s Trust as the map design intern to expand experiences of GIS, (geographic information systems) in working with the land trust. Great opportunity to assist in redeveloping their maps as well as expand my cartographic design knowledge and portfolio. I am working with Julia Robers to redesign the management plan maps for all of Joshua’s Trust properties to have a uniform template/design.
  • I also love being outdoors, and finding new hiking trails.
  • Fun fact: I recently took a trip to the Grand Canyon in November, and it was amazing!


Benjamin Stemmer

  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Communications Major
  • Senior
  • I chose to work at the Trust to gain experience helping a real non-profit company and to work on my marketing, communications, and public relations skills. I believe Joshua’s Trust is doing great work, and deserves to have more notoriety. Hopefully, with my help, that can be achieved. I am working with Michael Hveem.
  • Fun fact: Ben recently traveled to Columbus, Ohio, to announce the Final Four UConn Women’s basketball game against Notre Dame for WHUS, the student radio station. In general, he announces UConn sports for WHUS, which can be heard on 91.7 FM.


Casey Lambert

  • North Branford, CT
  • Environmental Science Major
  • Junior
  • When I heard that Joshua’s Trust was looking for interns, I was immediately excited about the opportunity.  My freshman year at UConn, I discovered some of the trust’s properties around the university and began to hike them frequently, but had really no knowledge of the organization.  A big advocate for land conservation and open space preservation. I am so excited to be working with the trust as the Conservation Surveying Intern.
  • Fun Fact: I have two fish named Bubbles and Schmit.

Sabit Nasir

  • Plainville, CT
  • Environmental Studies Major
  • Junior
  • Joshua’s Trust shows appreciation to nature both locally and nationally and as the communications coordinator and I wanted that same passion of mine to be expressed to everyone. I am working with Paul Stern as the Communications Coordinator Intern.
  • Fun Fact: I own over 50 NBA Jerseys.