Whetten Woods is a thirty-seven acre preserve located near the Storrs Center and the University of Connecticut.  A center loop trail is accessed by a parking lot on Hanks Hill Road, by a trail across town property from Storrs Center, by high school athletic fields and from Hope Lutheran Church on Dog Lane.  The loop trail crosses a stream over several bridges. Stone walls, emphasizing the area’s agricultural heritage, cross the terrain.  The trail passes stands of beech, oak, maple, ash and birch, and features two groves of hemlock, home to barred owls.  The adjacent town preserve contains a vernal pool.  The University of Connecticut conducts several ecology studies in the area. The preserve offers a recreational opportunity to walkers and trail runners, and also serves as a conservation resource for the broader community.

About the Property

Location: Mansfield, Connecticut. Access from Hanks Hill Road or Dog Lane
Donors: Nate And Theora Whetten
Acres: 37
Preserved: Initial gift in 1998. In 2009, a gift from the Clark family added five acres. Eight acres were added in 2015
Stewards: John Morey, Rob & Susan Beach

Trail Information

Trail Map: Click here for the Whetten Woods trail map. Directions: Parking area on Hanks Hill Road, 0.4 miles east of Route 195 in Storrs. Additional access from Hope Lutheran Church on Dog Lane, 0.3 miles from Route 195. Alternate access is from the athletic field parking lot near the post office in downtown Storrs.