Wills, Trusts, and Estate Bequests

Leave a legacy through your Will and estate planning.

Make a bequest to Joshua’s Tract Conservation and Historic Trust, Inc. (our official name). Making a bequest is easy to arrange, does not change your current life style and can be easily changed if your needs evolve.

There are two types of bequests:

A specific bequest: names a dollar amount or an asset that you wish to donate

A residuary bequest: gives all or a percentage of what remains in your estate after other obligations are fulfilled

Several members have told us about provisions they have made for Joshua's Trust in their will. If we know your plans, we can work with you to help ensure your wishes are fulfilled.

A Gift of Land

A gift of land to Joshua’s Trust could be the right decision for you. This gift may allow you to claim the full market value of your gift while not having to worry about selling the property yourself. It provides the opportunity to retain lifetime rights to your property if that is in your interests.

Please contact us if you are interested in making a real estate gift to the trust so we can make sure your wishes and our goals align.

"The land given to Joshua's Trust in memory and honor of our son Jonathan, is land that had been in my family for close to 300 years. Now the land and Jonathan belong to the ages." - A land donor from Ashford

Retirement Assets

Name Joshua’s Trust as a beneficiary of your IRA or life insurance.

A reason to celebrate at age 70 1/2

" I'm able to donate directly from my IRA now. I'm helping conservation, and avoiding state and federal taxes on money I'm required to take from my retirement account." - A member from Mansfield

Stocks, Bonds and Other Investments

By giving investments directly to Joshua’s Trust you may avoid paying capital gains tax on those assets.

"I sold a stock that had appreciated 50% and avoided paying capital gains tax, while getting the full value of my donation as a charitable deduction." - A member from Chaplin