Bradley-Buchanan was purchased with the aid of a loan from the Nature Conservancy. This parcel was in the Buchanan family for three generations. Mr. Archibald Buchanan and his friend Wesley Bradley spent time together managing the land. On inheriting the property, Mr. Bradley sold it to the Trust, disregarding the bids of developers who might have paid much more. The woods is a perfect example of a very rare geologic area in Connecticut called pitted kame terrace. Most of the others have been destroyed by mining.

Bradley-Buchanen Woods is part of the larger Echo Pond Area, which includes Echo Woods, Echo Lake, and Pond Lot. Hugh and Betsey Hamill donated the adjacent 10 acre Pond Lot parcel in 1986, which borders the lower end of Echo Lake. The Pond Lot parcel contains very interesting geology, with kettle holes, a peat bog, and unusual flora and fauna.

The 57 acre Echo Woods is owned by the state of Connecticut. It was originally purchased by the Trust, and eventually bought by the State as an extension of Mansfield Hollow State Park.

About the Property

Mansfield Center, behind Buchanan Center, which houses the Mansfield Public Library on Route 89.Donors: Hugh and Betsey Hamill donated the 10 acre Pond Lot parcel.
Bradley-Buchanan, 25.5 acres;
Echo Beach, 3.4;
Pond Lot, 10 acres;
Preserved: 1970, 1986
Bradley-Buchanan stewards: Christine Njuki, Nan Cooper.
Pond lot steward:  Fiona Leek