Proposal Rock
Joshua’s Trust Proposal Rock, Mansfield, CT
photo courtesy of Joan Hill

In 2003, just 2 years after Coney Rock Preserve was established, Leonora Mullane offered her adjacent parcel to Joshua’s Trust at a bargain sale price. The preserve is named “proposal rock” because her father proposed to her mother at one of these boulders along Woodland Road.

Six years later, additional nearby land was protected, increasing the total acreage.

The trailhead is on Chaffeeville and Woodland Road.

Location: Mansfield, CT, off Woodland Road.
Donors: Purchased by Joshua’s Trust, at a bargain price from Leonora Mullane.
Acres: 29.9 acres. Adjacent to 134 acre Coney Rock Preserve.
Preserved: 2003
Stewards: Karen Wyatt, Joyce Guzowski
Trail Map: See The Coney Rock Trail Guide, from the Mansfield, CT Parks and Preserves website.
Street Map:
Directions: Trailhead is on Chaffeeville and Woodland Road.