Rob Beach painting signs during a sign-making party at Joe Charron’s workshop.

Stewards – the overseers and curators of our Trust properties – are some of our most essential volunteers.

With proper stewardship, we are able to maintain and up-grade our many properties.  Without their tireless commitment, the Trust would not be able to keep its promise to conserve and preserve the land and buildings for which we are responsible.

Each of our preserves has different characteristics, and stewards have a responsibility for determining how best to protect the property, including working with property abutters to ensure that boundary lines are respected, keeping invasive species at bay, maintaining or creating trails if appropriate, and generally assuring that the property is one the Trust can be proud of.

Ann Dunnack, Trustee and chair of the stewardship committee, and Ann Lewis, our conservation coordinator, have been working together for the past several months to re-organize the trails subcommittee, and it is now showing results.

There are new name signs and kiosks, clearer trail markings, and better training for new stewards and regional coordinators as to what their responsibilities are.

The project load has increased to the point that the Trails subcommittee chair can no longer supervise all the projects, so the committee has been divided into geographical area teams with varied areas of expertise: carpenters, chain saw operators, invasive removers, sign/kiosk builders, etc. This year these teams will work with the preserve’s steward and regional coordinator to re-blaze and clean up trails as well as to assess any projects that require larger work parties, like invasive species removal or erosion control.

The hard work of our stewards and stewardship volunteers and their dedication will be celebrated in late May at the Atwood Farm.

If you are interested in helping our stewards, whether one time or more frequently, please contact Ann Lewis ([email protected]). There’s always a property that can use more volunteers.