spring savenger hunt artSpring is emerging, and Joshua’s Trust has a great outdoor activity waiting for kids and their families: the Springtime Scavenger Hunt.

The scavenger hunt leads pre-schoolers and school-aged children on an adventure through the woods looking for leaves, bugs, things to jump over and signs of local wildlife. The springtime hunt has been put in place inviting kids to find the signs of spring such as leaf buds, emerging ferns and the return of flocks of birds.

Families may print out this scavenger hunt guide or pick up a reusable laminated one at the Trust kiosks located at the entrances of five properties: Whetton Woods and Bradley-Buchanan Woods in Mansfield, Iron Mine Valley in Ashford, Utley Hill Preserve in Columbia and Allanach-Wolf Woodlands in Windham. (Click on names for directions.)

Each double-sided sheet has specific challenges and tasks to perform depending on the child’s age: “What can you find in the woods this season? Skunk cabbage? Soft moss? The sound of a chickadee?”

Families are encouraged to take photos on their visits and post them on the Joshua’s Trust Facebook page.

The hunts were developed by Trust members Maggie Ferron, Nancy Silander and Ann Dunnack. Ferron said the scavenger hunt sheets will be updated seasonally  so families can enjoy the properties year round.