The Two Sisters Tract was generously donated to the Trust by the original ‘two sisters’. Elaine Mrosek and Josephine Krikorian, in the year 2001.

The preserve consists of two parcels, one 8-acre parcel and one-32 acre, split by the Air Line State Park Trail (an old railroad bed once connecting Boston with  New York and now known as the “Air Line Trail”).  A path leads from Route 6 across the 8-acre parcel to a steep wooden staircase that leads up to the Air Line Trail.  The entrance to the loop trail on the larger parcel is directly across the former railroad bed. The start of the path can be taken in either direction and will loop back to the starting point. This trail is one mile long.

Visitors are advised to wear blaze orange and take precautions when hiking during hunting season. The surrounding properties are actively hunted.

Going south, the Air Line Trail leads past another land trust preserve, the Windham Atlantic White Cedar Bog.

About the Property

Location: Chaplin, Connecticut
Donors: Elaine Mrosek and Josephine Krikorian
Acreage: 40
Preserved: 2001
Stewards: Bill Philbrick and Gene Bowen

Trail Information

Trail Map: Click here for the trail map. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view or print our trail maps.
Directions: Route 6, approximately 2 1/4 miles east of North Windham Walmart store, or .8 miles east of the intersection of Route 203 and Route 6. The parcel lies between Quintana Memorials and the Passport Inn & Suites. There is parking on the shoulder of Route 6.